Sunday, February 04, 2007

Today Is Not A Good Day

I was going to try to have Marissa or Chris take me to church this morning. But, when I rolled over in bed, the room started to spin again. I have more dizziness today than I did yesterday. I did get up a little later and moved to my chair in the family room, which is where I've been since I came home from the hospital.

Yesterday, my brother Doug and his friend, Jonathan, sent me the most beautiful and unusual flower arrangement. It came by UPS in a big box and is a bouquet of Birds of Paradise flowers! I've always been in awe of these flowers whenever we travel to Florida or California. I'll get a picture later when I can get someone to take it for me. I also had a few visitors. Angie and Marcie from my Bible Study group dropped by and brought some delicious pot roast, fruit, chocolate cake, and banana bread. It was nice to have some company! I also did a little knitting, some reading, watched TV, and slept. Chris and I watched a movie last night. Maddie has not left my side since I came home and stays with me unless she needs to go out or eat. Riga is more concerned with the cat!

I'll watch the Super Bowl later today. I usually don't like football but I like the commercials. Marissa is making some waffles for breakfast and Chris has gone to Walmart for me. Steve left yesterday for San Diego and will be home on Friday.

No two surgeries are alike. There are some things that are different this time around. Food doesn't taste right, which tells me my taste buds are affected this time. This is a common side effect but I didn't experience it with my first implant surgery. I don't have as much nausea this time but it is there. (I had a nausea patch before I went into surgery and had to take it off on Friday. I may need to get another one.) The vertigo issue is worse. I was hoping to go back to work later this week. We'll just have to take one day at a time.


Jennifer said...

Oh, please take it easy! I'm sorry you're feeling yucky :( I felt horrible after I had my surgery for nearly two weeks...I couldn't believe people were back at work in a week. Take care of you, friend!! (((HUGS)))

Tallahassee Lassie said...

What's the name of the nausea patch?
Feel better soon!