Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Snow Day

We finally have a "snow day!" We woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground this morning but it didn't last long. I'm doing a little bit better today but still dizzy. I have a nausea patch behind my ear and that seems to be taking care of the nausea part. The good news is that I do not have tinnitus like I did last time. There is no train or phantom noise running through my head. I slept pretty good last night but was awake at 5:30 a.m. to take some pain medication. It's hard to get comfortable because my new implant is on the side that I like to sleep on. I'm using a foam/neck pillow and that helps a lot. I stayed in bed most of the morning and was able to take a bath and wash my hair when I got up. Dr. Merwin had already taken my bandage off yesterday before I left the hospital. Dawn came with some wonderful taco soup around lunchtime and stayed with me most of the afternoon. I moved out in the family room and spent the afternoon in my chair. Maddie, our son's cocker spaniel, has not left my side at all. She is good company for me! Animals seem to sense when someone doesn't feel well.

Dawn says my incision looks great. She said the doctor did an excellent job stitching my head back up. She put Neosporin on it for me. My ear is numb and I can't feel a thing. I'll get a picture soon.

I don't have an activation date yet but I do see the Dr. on February 15th to get my stitches and staples out. My taste buds are a little funny this time but not bad. I do have an earache and cannot move my head too quickly or the room will start spinning again. My ear is swollen and I'm super sensitive to sounds when I have my processor on. I also have "dry mouth" and have to keep sipping liquids and lathering the chapstick on my lips. I don't have much of an appetite either. But, the worst is over and the best is yet to come!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think animals sense when someones not well. Put a sick person on one couch, a healthy person on another, and our cat instinctively goes to cuddle with the sickly one.

I remember the tastebuds feeling strange and was numb in some areas.

Super sensitive to processor - yes, I know! When I'm less than 100% I struggle with wearing it. Even a medication can affect me.

Take Care! Suzie

Bob W said...

Good News. You are Home and resting and sounds like you are doing well.
I have been thinking about you and now I will add you to my Healing Promises list. I claim the promises each day of those on my prayer list. I believe you are not only Dr. Merwin's only bilateral patient, but also his best patient. If you are a bilateral, I guess that
makes me a unilateral. Regardless, the Lord is watching over you too.

His Blessings;
Bob W

Tallahassee Lassie said...

I know about the animals sensing stuff! Ever since I have had this pregnancy related illness, all three of my cats are right on the bed with me, and one of them follows me everywhere I go. All of them have to be in the room with me. It's kinda sweet.