Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Quick Update

Only four more days until my second implant is activated! I'm glad February is a short month, too. Actually, I've been too busy and too tired to think about it. Vertigo issues are still problematic and is affecting my sleep since it only happens when I lay down. I need my rest! If it doesn't go away soon, I'll mention it at my activation appointment on Thursday. Taste buds are still off, too, but only on certain foods (mostly sweets). My Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream cone actually tasted very salty last night. *sigh*

I have been exercising a little more. Marissa has joined me at the Wellness center and we've done Yoga and Pilates together. It's nice to have a partner, especially since it is my dear daughter! I can understand the leader during the class but need to look at her every now and then because I'm not sure what to do. But, I can understand her commands like "up, two, three, four," etc. Numbers are real easy. I do okay laying on the floor most of the time but some moves have caused the "merry-go-round" to start again so I either slow down or stop, close my eyes, and just lay there until it is time to do the next one. It is worse when I'm on my back looking up or moving towards my right side. I'm not too worried about this vertigo because it is gradually going away. I can move around during the day once I am upright.

I heard a new sound at work last Monday. It was the sound of the new heating/cooling system running that was installed the Friday before. The change was noticeable to me, especially since I didn't know when we were getting them. One of the new units is right above the accounting department. It is also warmer in the office now so I don't have to turn my heater on under my desk!

On Friday I made a long distance phone call to my cousin, Sharon, who lives in Indiana. I had been thinking about her and felt the need to call her. She was so surprised and happy to hear from me. I asked her if she was okay and she said, "Well, God must have told you to call me because I have had a hard time lately dealing with head lice." Poor thing. She was about ready to shave her daughter's head! We were able to talk for a little bit but the phone kept cutting out on us. She kept saying how great it was to hear from me. :-D Normally I would have sent her a card letting her know I had been thinking about her but now I can pick up the phone and reach out to someone. What a great feeling. My phone calls are still few and far between but I will answer at work or if I recognize the caller ID number.

Steve and I took a drive last night after dinner. He had a free one day car rental so we got a truck for the day. It was a HUGE black 2007 Nissan truck with only 500 miles on it (I forget the name of it already). We went house hunting (we'd like to downsize in the next year or so and are looking for a smaller place) and drove around looking at different neighborhoods. It was dark the whole time and not once did I need him to turn on the light so I could understand what he was saying. We can talk in the dark!

The birds are also singing their songs again, especially this morning after the rain. Maddie is sharing my chair with me as I write this and she is snoring! Silly dog.

Will write more later. I'm crashing in front of the TV with my knitting!


Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you, Laurie!! Woooo-hoooo!!!! You know we'll be expecting the play-by-play!! I am praying for you!!
You were probably in a Titan. That's Nissan's biggest truck. I LOVE them...would love to have one, but right now it's not practical, with five kids...and hubby drives an hour to work, so we go through a lot of gas.!! It's always exciting to think about a new house!
Love you!

Laurie said...

Jennifer, I'm excited, too! Yes, it was a HUGE Titan that we drove. . . and it got 11 miles to the gallon. We were reminded at the gas tank why we don't buy big vehicles anymore! But, it was fun to rent for a day.