Monday, September 26, 2005

The Most INCREDIBLE Weekend

It has been the most incredible weekend of my life. I'm still on Cloud Nine and don't want to come down! On Friday night and Saturday I went to Beth Moore's Living Proof Conference at the Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville with my Bible Study group. The Thompson Boling arena is on the University of Tennessee campus and is where the basketball games, graduations, etc. are held. Beth Moore is a gifted Bible teacher and woman of God and is a great motivational speaker. Her Praise team was WONDERFUL! I just soaked it all in. I sat in the deaf section in the front with my best friend, Dawn. Susan and her friend also joined us. It was nice to be able to sit in the front where we could see BUT the only drawback was that the speakers were right in front of us and were quite loud. I would have been able to hear better if we had moved away but then I would not have been able to read the interpreter's lips. I kept taking my processor off trying to adjust the sensitivity and volume settings but wasn't quite sure how to figure it out. But the conference was wonderful. Picture these sounds for the very first time:
  • the sound of 19,000 women singing acapella in the arena with no music playing
  • 19,000 Bible pages turning in complete silence
  • 19,000 women praying and worshipping together
When I made my coffee the last few mornings I was excited because I could "hear" the coffee granules falling into the paper filter. I could also hear the coffee maker perculating and brewing the coffee. What a great morning sound! Dropped my medicine on the floor when I was taking it and heard it hit the floor. I dropped it a few more times because I wanted to hear it again! I guess it was pretty "dirty" by the time I put it in my mouth but I didn't care. (Did you know a child eats a pound of dirt by the time they reach kindergarten?)

I was so tired on Saturday afternoon so I took a nap with Steve. We listened to the Miles Davis Jazz CD and it was so beautiful. I heard it with just my CI and did not wear my hearing aid. And I implanted my worst ear. It is becoming better than my hearing aid side but I still need both ears for balance.

On Sunday morning, I went to TWO church services. I went to our home church, Fairview United Methodist Church for the 8 a.m. service because I wanted to see if I could tell a difference with my "new sound." I had stopped going there earlier this year because I was having so much trouble hearing and understanding what was being said. Then I went to my new church, Sycamore Tree UMC, which is where I've been going. I found my pastor right away because I wanted to hear his voice. He was so overjoyed with some of the stories that I shared with him before the service that morning and asked me to share my testimony in church. He caught me off guard when he said that and I didn't have time to say no. But I told him I would be happy to do it. I have never liked talking to a group or into a microphone but felt such a peace wash over me as I stood in front of the congregation. I wasn't nervous or shaking at all as I spoke. Pastor Jeff wanted me to tell my story because so many people had prayed for me and that it would be good for them to hear and see the answer to prayer. This was something that they could put their finger on and could relate to. I told the little boy story and the iPod story and thanked everyone for their love, prayers, support and for being patient with me when I could not hear or understand. I still have a long way to go but the beginning is GREAT! Later, after the service, one of the new mothers in the church brought her baby to me. I held him in my arms and just sobbed. Let the little children come to me so I can hear them.

P.S. I heard the RAIN this morning!

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