Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Marissa and her MUSIC

Marissa and I have a "date" on Monday nights. We always go to Knoxville together for her piano lesson and then go out to eat afterwards. I look forward to our time together because it is one of the few times I can have her all to myself and spend some mother/daughter time with her. She sang in the car as we rode together and I just soaked in her beautiful alto voice. She has the same singing voice that my mom had and sounds like an angel.

Dawn and I visited for an hour at Starbucks. I told her that I was exhausted and so tired. I've been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night because I stay up late listening for new sounds and can't wait to get up in the mornings! She commented that I probably haven't totally recovered from my surgery and she is probably right. I've also gone through a whole range of emotions this past week.

Last night, Marissa had another high school concert at the First Baptist Church. The Maryville High School Music department did a concert called "Mostly Mozart." It was the best concert I have ever heard in my life! I heard the harp being tuned over the crowd before the program started. I heard the symphony of the different instruments in the orchestra. And the voices in the choir as they sang Mozart's "Requiem" was just so beautiful. I videotaped the whole thing so Steve and the rest of the family could hear it later.

Sounds are getting better and better every day. I'm in awe of the environmental sounds that I am picking up and am hearing new things all the time. It is taking awhile for the speech distinction to kick in but I love hearing everyone's voices. Had lunch with the Kristines yesterday. (They are our "adopted" daughters from Latvia. Both of their names are Kristine and they are going to Maryville College for the next two years. The Faithful Men from Fairview are supporting them as they finish their education.) Anyway, I picked them up for lunch at school and we went to the Soup Kitchen. It was so good to see them again and talk with them and hear their sweet Latvian voices. Before we ate, we held hands to pray. They both sang the prayer to me. . .how beautiful and special that was. They make my heart sing. Our time together was too short because I had to get back to work and they had classes but we will do this again. When we said goodbye, they "blew" kisses to me and said, "Can you hear that?" I sure did!

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