Sunday, September 25, 2005

Picture? Present?

Remember last week when I mentioned that I thought Marissa was "up to something?" Well, it wasn't just Marissa. . .read on. . .

On Friday night when I got home after a very long day, Bradley, came running upstairs to hug me. He had just come home from college and dragged me into the kitchen. Steve is standing there with a digital camera waiting to take a "picture". Brad proceeded to tell me that he, Jason, Chris, and Marissa had gotten together to get me a "present." Apparently they had been planning this for months ever since I started this journey. (They even talked about it when I was in the same room with them on different occasions and I never heard them.) Picture? Present? It isn't even my birthday or Christmas! He told me to close my eyes and placed a "black box" in my hands. I was speechless when I opened my eyes and the tears flowed again. The kids had put their hard earned pennies together and purchased a Nano iPOD for me! (I've never been able to enjoy listening to CD players, radios, etc.) And all my favorite songs were already loaded on it! On the back it says . . ."all that is left is loving you forever". . . (which is one of the lyrics to my favorite Carole King song).

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