Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Day Two After Activation

I could hardly wait to get up this morning to put my speech processor on (those of you who know me KNOW that I am not a morning person)! I only had about 4 1/2 hours of sleep but I didn't care. I was so eager to hear again and just didn't want to miss anything! I had to wait until after my shower and after my hair was dried before I could put the processor on. Even though it is water resistant, still didn't want to take any chances. I'm still learning and trying to figure out what I am hearing. The sound quality is not what I expected and everything still sounds very foreign to me. Everyone and everything sounds a little metallic, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. But, the amount that I am hearing has already exceeded my expectations. It can only get better! When I first connect the processor to the implant, sounds are very loud at first but then settle down. The same thing happens when I change programs. I think I'm going to drive everyone crazy asking "What is that noise?" This is a new adventure for me. Is this what babies first go through when they first arrive in the world? I find myself being very quiet and still and yet I'm very busy watching and listening for every new sound.

One of the reasons I wanted to get up early is because I want to HEAR the birds. That is supposed to be one of the first sounds that I should be able to hear. But, I don't hear them. I took Riga for a walk this morning and tried to listen for them. Maybe they are not singing. Or maybe I don't know what they sound like. I did hear dogs barking in every direction!

Marissa sang in a talent show today at school. I left work for a little while so I could run over to the high school to hear her. She did a great job. The only problem was that when people started clapping along with her, my processor drowned out her voice. That will have to be adjusted!

Here is a list of some of my new sounds so far:
  • heard a siren for 15-20 seconds but never saw it - that is great because I usually never heard them until they were right on top of me!
  • the twang of the guitar and the clang of the cymbals at the talent show
  • the butter sizzling in the pan when I made grilled cheese sandwiches
  • heard the music piping in at Atlanta Bread Company while having soup with Kathy
  • heard Riga's panting and breathing as she came up the stairs
  • Carole King in the car SOUNDS GREAT!

Talked with Brad several times today on the phone. I know he is excited about this! Every time he calls, he says, "Hi Mom! How are you? Can you hear me?" Also talked to Etta (my dad's wife) briefly and Chris. I'm not quite ready to talk to my Dad yet - I still need some practice. Chris was a little hard to understand because I kept hearing this "background" noise. Finally told him to hang up and text me. He said he was supervising some Marines at a pistol range and it was a little "noisy!" Only Chris would call me from a shooting range! Silly kid.

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