Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Song in my Heart

Yesterday I woke up with a song in my heart and a spring in my step. I'm actually feeling better but still a little dizzy. Marissa is up to something. She wants to sing a special song for me when I get my new processor. She knows that I love to hear her sing. She keeps asking me to give her the lyrics to some of my favorite songs that would relate to my cochlear implant journey. I've given her several but she keeps asking for more. This morning I woke up with some modified verses to my all time favorite song "Amazing Grace" and wrote them down. I actually wrote two versions. One from my point of view and one from Marissa's. "Amazing Grace" means so much to me because God still showers me with His love and blessings even though I don't deserve it. I will publish the verses next week after my "hook-up" on Tuesday so stay tuned!

I had lunch with Susan today. We had such a wonderful time together and it was so good to see her again. We went to one of our favorite places "The Gift Garden and Cafe" and had spinach & artichoke quesadillas. My appetite is returning and I ate the whole thing! Susan and I could only visit for an hour because that is all I have for lunch and it wasn't long enough. She is struggling emotionally because she is from New Orleans and her family is staying at her house and her mother's house until they can find jobs and a place to live. The stories that she has shared with me is heartbreaking. I will see her again next week when we have our SHHH meeting in Knoxville.

I stopped at the hearing clinic today to get a T-Link for my brother. He wants the "double" link but they don't carry it but will try to find one for him. The audiologist asked me if I was still dizzy and I told her I was. She said that sometimes the dizziness won't go away until I get "turned on." I hope so!

My hearing hasn't been very good with just one ear. Even talking on the phone with the T-Link doesn't work as well. This shows how much my left ear helped me even though I didn't think I could hear as well with it. I cannot hear the doorbell ring but can hear the phone ring, the dog bark, airplanes flying overhead, etc. Riga is driving me nuts because she barks whenever she hears something and it isn't always the doorbell! I run to the door whenever I hear her bark but no one is there!

I was a little concerned this morning when my implanted ear started draining a little. It may be water from my shower. My ear is "tickling" a little bit, too. Maybe the nerves are starting to grow back. My jaw is still sore and tender and it hurts to open my mouth very wide or bite into hard foods.

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