Monday, September 12, 2005

Activation Date!

Great news! I called Dr. Merwin's office through the relay service this morning and set my date for my initial hookup. It is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th at 8:30 a.m.!!! I went back to work today even though I didn't feel 100%. There is no way to know how long my nausea will last. . .but the medicine is helping. Yesterday I went to church for the first time since my surgery and it was so good to be there even though I didn't feel good. (I had been up during the night with hot and cold sweats and was very nauseous). But, I wanted to be in church. I couldn't hear Jeff or the music as well as I normally do but just being there and participating in the worship service refreshed my spirit. There were keychains with flashlights on every single chair as everyone walked into the worship area. Pastor Jeff talked about how each one of us can make a difference by bringing "light" into the world just like Jesus did so long ago. During the message, Jeff had all the lights turned off. (He told me ahead of time what he was going to do and explained to me what he was going to say. I really appreciated his thoughtfulness because otherwise I would have been left out and clueless in the dark!) We all had to turn our little flashlights on one by one if we had been baptized, or had accepted Jesus, or was a member of a small group, etc. My sister, Kathy came, too, so we had some "sister" time together. We stayed for the spaghetti lunch afterwards, which was the first real food that I felt like eating all week. Also went to Fairview Church that evening for the monthly Faithful Men meeting since I am their treasurer. Spent the rest of the night in my chair watching TV and knitting.

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