Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Simple Life - Part One

I started my vacation with a trip to Amish Country with Aunt Trudy. We were immediately transported to a different world. And it was a perfect way to start the week. . .to get out of the "fast lane" and get in the "slow lane." Trudy only lives about 20 minutes from Fredericksburg, Ohio, an Amish village. We just drove around enjoying the peacefulness of the countryside and the gentle lifestyle of the Amish.

Monday must have been washday because every house had their laundry hanging out on the clotheslines.

All of their gardens were growing in straight rows, perfectly weeded and manicured. There were one or two rows flowers decorating the fronts of the gardens.

We passed a hayfield with little piles of hay.

A man and young boy passed us on a horse & buggy and waved to us. Everywhere we went, these special people would smile, wave, and/or nod their heads politely. I rolled down the car windows so that I could hear the wheels of the buggy turning and the "clip-clop" of the horse's hooves trotting on the road as it passed us.

Our first stop was at a Bulk Food Store where the Amish sell food in bulk. There was a young girl working the counter in traditional Amish dress and bare feet. When I asked her if I could take her picture, she kept her eyes down and said "We don't do pictures." So, I respected her privacy but found out she was only 11 years old. She wrote down our purchases in the book in front of her and meticulously figured out the tax and total. And gave back the correct change.

We also stopped at the local auction, which is held a few times a week. The local Amish farmers bring in their produce for sale and people come from miles to bid on them.

Their vegetables and fruit were BEAUTIFUL and COLORFUL and looked liked they had been washed and dried for perfection!

These homegrown onions sold for $1.06 a box!

No, we didn't buy anything here. We would have had to get a number and the auctioneer was calling off the goods way too fast!

To Be Continued. . .


Shari said...

There's an Amish community about an hour west of us. I have never been there, but a co-worker I used to work with liked to go there and buy their bread. He said their bread was the best. They had their own language (German or Dutch dialect, I think).

Cool pictures. Those veggies do look good. :)

Anonymous said...

Was on my way home from a HLAA/Cochlear Implant meeting in Sarasota FL. Stopped at the Amish Restaurant and got take-out. Well anything is better than my cooking. It was sooooo goooood!!!!!!! Laurie, have a good time with family. HUGS, Molly CC

Sam said...

Sometimes I prefer some of the simple things the Amish do as opposed to the hectic life most of us lead!

Pngsaxin said...

I have a new cochlear implant and am currently working on getting a second. I am SO inspired by your blog! I've always wanted to "dance with sound" and like you, I have worn hearing aids for 12 years (I'm 17).

Keep on being so inspiring!