Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Simple Life - Part Two

While Trudy and I were taking in the sights and sounds of Amish country, we came upon a farm that had a greehouse and was selling produce. There were three greenhouses lining the drive (but no parking spaces) so we just parked alongside of them. They were filled with tomato plants with beautiful, red, round, perfect tomatoes ready for picking. A young girl sweeping the back porch acknowledged our presence and then her mother peeked out of the barn. We inquired about the produce for sale so she invited us in the barn and showed us her produce that she was getting ready for the market. This Amish mother was probably my age but you could tell by her hands and face that she had seen many years of hard work and labor. But, she was very soft spoken and had a kind voice and was not shy at all. Trudy and I both purchased some produce (tomatoes, squash, green beans, & cucumbers). As we chatted with the woman, she found out we were quilters. Her eyes and voice lit up and she told us that she had a quilt on a quilting frame that she was working on. She invited us INSIDE her home to see it. Needless to say, we were thrilled! This quilt was beautifully done in creams, greens, and blues. Center of quiltQuilting detail in the corner This black and turquoise quilt was made by her children as an anniversary gift. All the squares had family names and was beautifully done. She said she had no idea that her children were working on this. And was really proud of it.

Black and turquoise quilting detailThis quilt was for sale and was going to be taken to the auction. It had cross-stiched flowers in the center. I loved the colors. She showed us some more quilts and as we talked, I observed the simplicity of this clean and organized Amish home. (I also noticed that the young girl that we had seen earlier sweeping the back porch had disappeared and stayed out of sight until we left.) Then we went outside to see her flowers and gardens. The picture below is her front porch. That is Trudy in the bottom right corner.
This was a grape arbor with a barrel of flowers in the center. Salvia in the front flower bed. All of her gardens were just beautiful!Trudy and I thoroughly enjoyed this unique opportunity to see an Amish home close up. This woman seemed like she was glad for some adult female conversation. And invited us to come back anytime.

Sometimes I wish life was simple like the Amish. But, they do have a hard life and it probably isn't as easy as it seems.

Trudy and I went back to her house and spent the next two days sewing and quilting. I had brought my sewing machine with me and started on a denim quilt for Marissa. I promised I'd make her a quilt before she left for college. Nothing fancy but I made denim quilts for the boys when they left home. Here's a picture of the denim quilt (with Trudy's cat, Slick!)

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