Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Total Relaxation

I spent the last half of my trip at my brother's house. And spent some time in his pool every day. The first morning I was relaxing by the pool, I heard a noise that was unfamiliar to me. Doug has a small lake behind his house and I figured out that I was hearing geese and ducks behind me.

I slowly "recharged my batteries" and this getaway was just what I needed. A change of scenery and pace. I shopped, got a manicure & pedicure & massage. I also enjoyed time with my brothers and relatives at another family reunion on Saturday. Visited with my best friend, Missy, from high school. Also went to my class reunion, which was really a "50th Birthday Bash" for our class because we all turned 50 this year. That was interesting and fun.

One of the gals in my high school class went to church with me and we were in the same youth group together. I had not seen her for 30 years and she remembered going to church camp with me when we were growing up. She said that she has never forgotten how I used to tie an alarm clock around my wrist to wake me up in the mornings! I was surprised she remembered that. We had a delightful time catching up on our families and where we had been all these years.

I had a good trip home and met Steve, Chris, and Marissa in Knoxville for dinner at the Olive Garden. That was a nice way to end a vacation. Steve drove me the rest of the way home because I was so tired after driving for six hours straight. But it was good to be home again.

P.S. I still haven't heard an owl yet. The crickets are too noisy!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, Laurie, the pool sounds heavenly...and the spa..the massage...oy, I'm so jealous! But happy for you!!
I can't wait...just a little over a week until I get to see you again!!