Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sounds of Summer

  • A lone mourning dove cooing softly in the morning

  • Wind blowing softly through the leaves of trees

  • Rain gently falling

  • Booming Thunder

  • Lightning popping and crackling

  • Birds chirping and fluttering around the bird feeders

  • Pitter patter of puppy feet

  • Coffee percolating

  • Ice falling and water filling ice maker in freezer

  • Car and truck tires crunching gravel on neighbor's driveway

  • Lawnmowers cutting grass
  • Construction trucks backing up

  • Dogs barking

  • Neighbor children laughing, talking, playing

  • Crickets trilling loudly in the evenings

  • Air conditioners and fans humming
  • Clocks ticking

  • Sounds of silence

  • The still quiet voice of God. . .

(Click on the comments and share some of your sounds of summer with me. . .or email me. . . I'd love to "hear" from you.)


Anonymous said...

Children splashing and giggling at the swimming pool.

Neighbors laughing and telling stories around the barbecue.

Lawnmowers roaring, kites soaring.(Yes, kites make a wonderful sound!)

What a lovely post to remind all of us who were born hearing that the world is always making beautiful music.

The Royers said...

dogs passing gas

Lazy Daisy said...

My favorite is a laughing baby!

Or the waves at the beach

Sam said...

dogs passing gas???? Thanks for the audio, I think!

The cat's meowing.

Son and friends iPod ear-buds making that horrible noise they call hip-hop and rap.

The pilot light igniting on the stove.

The scuffing of feet over the carpet.

Laurie said...

Keep those sounds of summer coming. I love it! Even the dogs *sigh*

DAve & JAnie said...

thanks for stopping by! Please do add us, and we will do the same. We are fighting hard for a second implant for our daughter! We hope, at least, that she can have one before she is 5. I am happy that you have one for the better part of life! I can only imagine!
I too am a believer, and am glad to find another in the implant world!
Janie (Corrina's mom)