Saturday, July 14, 2007


I haven't posted a puppy update in awhile but just had to share these pictures that I took today! As you recall, Riga had eight puppies in April. We now two left - one is for our son, Chris, and the other is for our son, Brad, at Virginia Tech. The puppies are now three months old and are trying to put their ears up. But, they look so funny! The ears will straighten out eventually and be the German Shepherd ears they're supposed to look like.
Meet Brutus (Chris' puppy)

Meet Leon (Brad's Puppy)

Huh? What did you say???

Leon was the runt of the litter and I just couldn't let him go. I'm happy that he will stay in the family. Both puppies are doing well with their housebreaking and do everything together. They also get in trouble together! The two of them are pretty good about staying in the yard most of the time. It's funny how different their personalities are. Leon goes crazy when he sees Chester, the cat, and I can always tell where the two of them are when I hear him barking. He also howls when he hears the neighbor dogs barking. Brutus could care less about the cat but he barks, too, when he wants to. Brutus is very photogenic and will pose for a picture but Leon always turns away when he sees the camera. I was lucky to get these pictures! Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

They are adorable!! Awwwwwwwww!!!!

Drew's Mom said...

Love the name Brutus! Does this show that you are a fan of the Buckeyes?

Laurie said...

I am a Buckeye fan but did not know that Brutus had anything to do with that! Chris actually named his dog. . . :-D