Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend!

Happy Birthday, Steve!

Today is his birthday but he is not here to celebrate with us. We usually go out to eat and have presents for him. He left on July 5th for a business trip to Latvia and Bulgaria so I put a card and present in his suitcase while he was packing. He returns home at the end of this week. Two weeks is just too long to go without my best friend!

I did arrange for him to have a surprise celebration today and he emailed me to tell me about it. We have been to Latvia several times for mission trips and business so we have some good friends there. The church that he went to this morning sang "Happy Birthday" to him and gave him several gifts. They also had a reception afterwards with cake and tea. I also arranged for our administrative assistant, Irina, to take him out to eat after church. So she, our engineer, Sergey, Steve, and our friend & lawyer, Apolonija, went to the Macaroni Noodle Bar for lunch. Apolonija needed to leave early so he, Sergey, and Irina had tea at the Apsara Teahouse afterwards. He was pleasantly surprised and had a nice day. I'm glad.

I did talk with him on Skype yesterday morning. I have some great headphones and can hear him as if he were sitting next to me. There was a slight buzz in the background but I was able to understand most of what he said. And he types on the computer if I miss a word, much like an instand message. He has been sick with a fever and deep cough so I've been a little worried about him. But, he does have people taking care of him for me!

I miss you, Steve. Hurry home so we can celebrate YOU!


Shelley said...

Hi Laurie,

Happy Birthday to Steve!!! It seems as if was just a short time ago that he and Rick had their 40th bday! How many years ago was that, 1 or 2?

I was excited to see the picture of Jason and his girlfriend on your blog. It will be a busy fall for you with a November wedding. Our kids have all gotten so old, we must also be aging. Although, the older they get the younger I feel.

We had a great visit with Sandy and Terry Smith last week. They came down for a vacation. Rick was on vacation, so we went to beaches, enjoyed the sunshine and visiting with friends.

I am so looking forward to our conference in Sept. I will get into Knoxville on Fri AM and leave on Mon. Dawn wanted me to stay for a music performance at her church on Sun night.

Keep posting on your blog. I sure enjoy keeping up with all of your news! It is amazing how God has worked in your life through this surgery and how and where He is able to use you now for His glory!

Love you! Shelley

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Steve!! I know you're looking forward to having him home again!!! :)