Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quick Update

Greetings from Virginia Tech. I know some of you are wondering how Brad & Chris are doing. Chris and I are currently at Brad's apartment giving him some TLC that only a brother and mother can give. We stopped at the store on the way and I'm already cooking up a storm for the college crew here.

It is good to see Brad again, to hug him, and know that he is okay. He is still very sore with a black and red eye. His teeth hurt, too, so he still needs to eat soft foods. I made his favorite cookies (Snickerdoodles) and he can't even eat them because it is hard for him to chew. (And it is hard to keep his roommates from eating them, too!) He got his staples taken out of his head today while he was in the emergency room this morning with his girlfriend, who sprained her ankle. He asked her nurse to take them out for him. They are quite the couple with their injuries! Now it is Brad's turn to take care of her!

The doctor from the hospital called Brad the other day and told him he needed to see an eye doctor and an ENT doctor because he also has a broken eye socket that they missed in the ER. He also needs to see the dentist, too. The police were at his house on Thursday night with information (which is good news). I will have to keep details off this blog from now on because this assault on Brad & his friends will probably end up in court.

And Chris is hurting, too, over the loss of Brutus. I was so worried about him that I even bought a German Shepherd puppy for him on Thursday night. . .but ended up taking it back yesterday. He says he isn't ready for another dog and only wants one from Riga. . .I told him today that I was going to change his name to David. . .because he feels like David in Psalms. . . (David cried out in pain and sorrow to God in this book in the Bible.)

I just pray that Brad and Chris will find strength and peace in a God who loves them and that He will carry them through their difficult times.

I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes today just watching Chris and Leon (Brad's puppy) play on the floor when we got here. We will miss Brutus. But we are glad to have his brother.

Steve is tired but glad to be home from Poland. . . and our world is a little better again. . . God has been our refuge and strength this past week.


Anonymous said...

Wow the last few days have really been challenging for your family. Glad everyone is slowly improving. Send them hugs from me too. Molly CC

Sam said...

Laurie...I am really so sorry to hear about what happened to Brad and Brutus. I just simply cannot fathom or imagine what you are going through. My prayers go out to you and your family, wholeheartedly.

Jennifer said...

I love you, Laurie...I'm glad you got to be with Brad, even if he is hurting. I'm glad that Steve made it home OK and is with his family...I know that helps!! (((HUGS)))