Sunday, September 30, 2007

Statues around Riga, Latvia

We have had beautiful fall weather in Riga during our stay. We expected to come to cold and rainy weather and brought our coats and umbrellas with us (quite a change from the 90's in Tennessee!) Anyway, as we walked around the city, we saw many different statues and artwork. I thought I would share some pictures.
Figurines on top of Opera House
Fountain in front Opera House
Closeup of Opera House FountainThree Atlantis' holding up Earth on top of building in Old Riga Face on building in Old Riga Statue of Dancers in ParkWoman in flowersHorse Statue in flower bed
Statue of Man SittingCouple in Park with dog
I continue to enjoy hearing the sounds of this wonderful city with two ears. When I first came to Latvia in 2004, I had two hearing aids. When I made my second trip in January of this ear, I only had one CI. And this time I'm here with two CI's and am amazed each time I hear something different. I can hear cars and trains coming behind me and they don't catch me by surprise like they have in the past. I hear the flutter of the wings of the birds when they fly from me as I approach them. I can hear the musicians in the streets playing their saxophones, guitars, accordians, and other instruments. And the "clink" of my coins as I pay for my goods in the stores. The language is difficult to understand and the Latvians seem to talk so fast. But, thankfully, they do understand English and I am able to communicate in a basic sort of way.

"Little House on the Prairie!"

(To Be Continued. . . )

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Shari said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Sounds like a nice place to have a working vacation/seeing sights. :) What a treat to find new things to listen for-in many different ways. :) Have fun.