Monday, September 03, 2007

A Weekend With Brad

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day. Here are some pictures from our trip to Virginia Tech. . .

Caitlyn and Brad

Leon on the couch

Leon and Brad

Leon and Chris

Leon and Me :)


Jennifer said...

Awwwwwww, Laurie...I LOVE the pictures!! I hope you enjoyed your time with Brad...I have been thinking about you every day (and feeling bad that I am so terrible about returning e-mails...I HAVE been thinking about you!! *HUGS*)
Love you!!!

Shari said...

I love black labs!! I have a hard time deciding if I like black labs, golden retrievers, Irish setters, or collies best. I thought I'd pop in to see how your kids were doing. Glad that they that I'm glad to see that your boys are doing well.

Laurie said...

Hello Shari,

I have a "new" dog for you! Leon is not a black lab but he is a solid black German Shepherd.

The boys are doing better every day. . .still hurting but better. . .time is a great healer.

Caitlyn said...

hi!! it was GREAT finally meeting you this weekend!! i always wanted to thank you for giving Brad that phone card back in March so that he could call me back in South Africa. i wasn't sure if i thanked you this weekend or not! the pictures are cute :) my blog from south africa is:

i hope you enjoy reading it. the posts are incredibly long, so it may take a while. i hope to see you soon!! my email address is:

that's if you ever want to email me. have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! You like a college kid sitting there with your laptop!