Friday, April 27, 2007

One Week Old Black German Shepherd Puppies

Isn't this the sweetest face????

The one with the red collar is the smallest one and the one we were worried about last week. But he is doing fine and thriving. The one next to him is one of the biggest ones! They were just over a pound when they were born and are now over two pounds each.

Proud Riga and her babies! Can you find all eight of them??? :) (Click on the picture to enlarge it)


Jennifer said...

They are ADORABLE!!! How cute!!!
Here's the fun part of Sitemeter...trying to figure out who's who. If you look at it, I will usually be Charter in Manchester, TN. I'm not sure what my IP address is so that won't help you much, but I will probably be the only Charter viewer from my area (unless my family checks on you sometimes...I don't know if they do or not!) And maybe it will show that I came from Bloglines. I love's entertainment, like I say :)
I'll have baby pictures later...if I can find the camera cord!

benne said...


This is amazing! You said in a post at my site that you raised dogs but I had no idea you raised German Shepherds. We had a black West German shepherd who died last year at 17. He was my constant companion and I miss him still. He was our third Shepherd and I'm in love with them. I missed Max so much I wasnt't ready for another Shepherd until recently. Our Red Heeler rescued female would love another companion too. Your dog Riga is beautiful and those puppies are so cute. I'd be interested in talking with you about a puppy.

Tallahassee Lassie said...

I found all 8!

Laurie said...


I would love to talk to you about one of our puppies. But, I am unsure of how to contact you or which site you have. Their eyes are starting to open!


benne said...


I'm at I forgot to mention that in my excitement at seeing Riga and her puppies.

I sent you an email this afternooon.

Yana said...

Oh my God, they are so so so so pretty! I so much would want one, but we have a "no pets allowed lease" :(

Laurie, may I link to your blog in my CI blog?