Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech News

Today has been a very unsettling day. We have received many phone calls and text messages asking about our son, Brad. He is a Junior majoring in Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. I'm sure you are hearing the latest news about the shootings on campus. He sent me a text message this morning (10:06 a.m.) before the breaking news saying there had been a shooting on the campus and that he was okay. He said he and all his friends were accounted for and told me not to worry. (But, I worried anyway and started lifting them in prayer right away.) One of his friends had skipped class this morning and that was one of the classes where most of the students were shot. Never thought skipping a class might save someone's life. . .he has been to our house several times . . .I'm sure we'll get more news as the day goes on. . .I cannot imagine what the other parents are going through right now. . .and those students and professors killed went to bed last night not knowing that they would live another day. . .our hearts and prayers go out to the parents and families that have loved ones that are dead, hurt or unaccounted for. I can't imagine. . .we could have gotten that phone call today. . .

I just finished talking with Brad. . .he said that he cried earlier today but he and his friends are supporting each other. He has a great group of friends and we are thankful for that. I know they must all be shaken up and going through a range of emotions. Brad was in his 9 a.m. class at McBryde, which is next to Norris Hall, where the shootings occurred. He and his classmates were kept in the building until everything settled down enough for them to be evacuated. Brad is so afraid that he will know one of the victims. . .I told him that we would be there for him. So, please say a prayer for Brad and his friends, the families and all those involved VA Tech.

Virginia Tech is a BEAUTIFUL campus in a small, quaint town so it is hard to imagine something like this happening.

And we worried about Chris while he was stationed in Iraq. . .

To all our family and friends who have called, text'd, and emailed. . . thank you. Pray for all of Virginia Tech tomorrow as it will be a hard day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,
We prayed for Brad when we heard of the shooting asking the Lord to protect him. Our hearts go out to those parents who children where killed and wounded. May God help all those folks working on campus and the leaders of the community of Blacksburg. You're in our thoughts and Brad is in our prayers.

Pastor Jerry

Lydia said...

Gosh Laurie - I have been glued to the tv and my satellite radio today. I forgot you had a son going there. Oh you must have been relieved to hear from him and that is putting it mildly. We are off tomorrow and thank you for writing back. It just reinforces my desire to have the new implant. I will write as soon as I get back!
Love and hugs,

Jennifer said...

I was trying to think if I knew anyone who went there...I know you must be in shock...I totally forgot Brad was there!! I'm so glad he's safe...that would have been horrible. Big hugs for you...and prayers for Brad...I know the kids at Virgina Tech are going to struggle with this for a while :( ((((HUGS))))

Susan said...

This is the worst tragedy. It is a miracle your child is safe! I know you can't wait to give him a big

Anonymous said...

My dear Laurie,

I'm so glad that Brad is okay! But, like you I can't even begin to imagine the pain that those students, parents, and community are feeling. My first thought and prayer this morning and my last thought and prayer last night were for them. I know God weeps today as well.

Love you,

Laurie said...

Thank you all for your thoughts, love, and prayers. Brad is okay but says he is not himself. He is not coming home this week even though classes are cancelled because he and his friends want to stay together. I saw him on CNN twice yesterday. He is in a clip walking to a car with a friend, has a beard (I haven't seen that before!), black coat, and jeans on.

Keep the VT community in your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Laurie

Drew's Mom said...


I can not imagine what your son and his friends are going through. I pray he and his friends are doing the best that can be expected in light of this horrible tragedy.

As I watched countless hours of news coverage on Monday, I kept thinking of all of the parents of students at VA Tech. I can not imagine what the day must have been like for you. I am so glad that Brad was able to let you know he was safe and that you didn't have to wait long to get that news. I am also so happy that his friend skipped class - God was looking after him.

This Buckeye family will continue to keep the VA Tech community in our prayers for the days and months that come.


Melli said...

Laurie, I came over from Jennifer's blog -- I just want you to know that I have been praying daily for the families affected by this horrible tragedy! And that those prayers DO include your family as you have, of course, been touched by this! I do pray that all hearts will be healed. God bless you all!