Sunday, April 22, 2007

Virginia Tech Update

Dear God, I call out to You for peace and comfort for everyone who will be affected by this crime. Their lives will be forever defined in part by what they were like before this tragedy, and what they will be like now. Lord, I know it won't be quick (to us), but please bring them beauty from these ashes and joy to replace this mourning. In the midst of this tragedy, may You be high and lifted up! Reveal Yourself, O God. Be Big in Virginia. And please Father, be Big in my son's life today, too. It is in the name of my Precious Lord and Savior, Jesus, that I call out to You.

I just pray that God will wrap His loving arms around everyone who is affected and NEVER EVER let go.

Scripture tells us that God's people will humble themselves and pray that He will come and heal our lands. Lord Jesus, we desperately need You...we desperately need healing in our lands...lands where people see it as acceptable to take lives at will. We come before You on our faces and cry out to You...we stand in the gap for those who do not even know to pray...and we ask You for healing in our lands and in our hearts and minds.

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Jennifer said...

Amen! (((HUGS)))