Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Update from VA & TN

This past weekend has flown by fast. The retreat was wonderful and just what was needed for rest and peace. Yesterday's post was the view from the lodge at Eagle Rock Retreat Center. There were 14 of us (including my sister, Kathy) and the topic was "Desperate Housewives of the Bible." We had a great time of fellowship, refreshment, relaxation, prayer and time spent in God's Word. Our meals were delicious for camp food and were prepared by *Grandma Mouse.* No one wanted to go home!

We have been in touch with Brad every day. He and all of the Virginia Tech community are still struggling emotionally. There have been a countless number of memorial services and the VT website has listed *In Memoriam* those who died. Tomorrow will be the first day of classes since the tragedy and there will be many obstacles to overcome. The media has been asked to stay off the campus and respect the privacy of the students and the faculty. The students will have three options concerning the completion of their classes. Brad still hasn't decided yet what he will do to finish out the semester. He does have a robot that he has been working on all semester in the RoMeLa lab. The Discovery Channel was planning to come to the campus next month to videotape him and the robotics lab for a TV show. Still don't know if that will happen.

I asked Brad if he was ready for classes tomorrow. He thinks so but says it will be hard because all of his classes are around the building where everything happened. He said tomorrow will be hard for everyone. There is going to be a moment of silence at 9:45 a.m. and the bell will toll 32 times. Also, thirty two white balloons will be released. Brad lives with three other guys and one of them (Alex) just read an article on a friend that he lost. This friend was still alive after the first time the shooter came in the classroom but when the shooter came back, Alex's friend distracted him to save another student's life. . .and did not make it. Brad is asking me "What is wrong with this generation? Columbine, 9/11, the war in Iraq, and this. . ." And I don't have a good answer. . . do you? Brad was going to go sit in his Jeep for awhile after we talked. . .my heart just breaks for him. . .

Brad and several of his friends will come here to TN next weekend. We'll have an opportunity to love on them, feed them, and take care of them. They are a great group of young adults and we enjoy having them at our house. Our church is going to send them a PARTY in a box and collected food, frisbees, and all sorts of items this morning. We have been overwhelmed with the concern, love, and prayers for Brad and the VT community. Again, we thank you.

The puppies are doing well and thriving. We did lose one on Friday so now we have eight. The one we lost was not the one we were concerned about earlier. We have two little ones that weigh less than the others so we make sure they get to eat first. They all have fat little bellies and make the cutest little sounds! They sound like kittens meowing! One likes to eat upside down with his legs "swimming" in the air! Some have brown cheeks and paws so they will not be all black. And some have white spots on their chests. Two have white tips on the ends of their tails. Riga is such a good mommy. I told Steve and Chris last night that we don't need a TV or the Internet to entertain us when we have puppies!

Marissa spent the past week in New York City and came home today. It was a graduation trip from her aunt Allison and she had a wonderful time. They visited many museums, saw several shows (including "Wicked" and "The Color Purple"), visited Ground Zero, went to Central Park and ate at the Tavern on the Green. She said she took 500 pictures on her camera! The first thing she wanted to do when she walked in the door was to see the puppies! And she has already named all of them!


David said...

shalom, God's peace to you,

Laurie said...

Thank you. . .

Sam said...

My condolences to Brad at VT. I have a 24 y/o son who graduated from Univ. of Buffalo last year so this definitely hits close to home.

And, congrats on the puppies!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brad. This just seems to be too, too much! But, I believe in the faithfulness of God. I know He weeps with us! So, with no answers we hang on.

They will all be in my thoughts and prayers and so will you and Steve. How it must hurt to see your children in pain! My heart aches for you as well.