Monday, August 07, 2006

A Weekend in Virginia

(Above photo from left to right: Brad, Sarah (Matteo's friend), and Matteo)

I spent this past weekend in Blacksburg, Virginia helping Brad and his friends move in their house that they are renting this year at Virginia Tech. It is a cute four bedroom Cape Cod and is just PERFECT for them. I had a great time with Brad even though it was over 90 degrees with no air conditioning! We drove the car whenever we could to run errands or go out to eat just to cool off! My job was to do what mothers do to help their college kids get off to a good start for the new school year. Took Brad to Walmart to buy things he needed for the house. Also, did lots of cleaning, organized the kitchen, picked up trash, etc. while the guys did their parts. It was a noisy weekend with the wind noise in my car for four hours each way, fans running, going to noisy restaurants, and browsing the festival that was two blocks from his house. I do have an advantage and can "take off" my ears when I need some peace and quiet.

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