Thursday, August 17, 2006

A CI Moment at Work

I heard a "new" sound today! Haven't heard anything new for a while so this was exciting for me. . . (and crazy for everyone else!) There are many sounds around me at work (typing on keyboards, phones ringing, people talking, departments and extensions being paged, fans humming, copier printing copies, encoder machine encoding checks, printers running, and so on). My desk is near several doors and over the last few days I started hearing a new quiet, small vibrating/shaking sound along with all these other sounds every time the door to the accounting department was opened and shut. We've been having trouble with the air conditioner in our department this week but the noise wasn't coming from that. I asked Cindy, my coworker, if she could hear that "new" noise, too. We opened and closed the door several times and heard it when it closed shut. We thought maybe it was the closer on top of the door but that wasn't it. There is a box with a fire extinguisher next to the door and a sign was sitting on top of it. Removed the sign and still heard it. Then, Cindy realized that it was the fire extinguisher rattling INSIDE the glass box next to the door! No one had noticed it before until I said something. That door is opened at least 500 times a day!

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