Saturday, April 16, 2005

Q & A Session with Friend Todd

Laurie: Hello again! I'm so glad you have time to write to me! I have more questions to ask you. Do you still wear a hearing aid in the other ear?
Todd: No, I do not wear a hearing aid in my other ear. No need to. It will cause an uneven balance of hearing in both ears. One implant is perfectly good enough.
L: What brand is your implant??
T: Nucleus Esprit 22
L: Did you have trouble with dizziness after the surgery?
T: Not at all. I experienced no side effects after the surgery.
L: Were you off work very long?
T: I was out-of-work for a week. That is all it takes to recover.
L: How long did you go for "mapping" or is that a continuous process?
T: The first year after activation, about several times a year, after that, once a year.
L: Does the implant/processor bother you when you fly?
T: Not at all, really!!!! If I'm lucky, it will not go off thru the metal detector at the airport. Be prepared for that.
L: If I need a second opinion, I will certainly ask your doctors. Atlanta isn't that far (3 hours). We have a good insurance company and it looks like they will cover it. I've been told that my implant, etc. will cost up to $70,000. Our first house was $31,000!
T: Laurie, please don't hesitate to ask me anything. The more the better. We'll make plans to meet at our mountain house in May.

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