Thursday, April 07, 2005

Confirmation from God

Wow. I am in awe of how God has a perfect plan for our lives. The more I listen for Him, the more I "hear" Him. Today, I heard him loud and clear and am more sure that this journey is going to work out for me according to His plan. This past Tuesday night towards the end of Bible Study, our leader, Tina, announced that she would not be able to lead the session next week because she will be out of town. Tina asked for a volunteer to come in and lead the group for next week to push the button for the video that we were watching and to lead the Bible Study in her place. Part me me wanted to volunteer (how hard would that be to push and button and ask the group a few questions?) but I heard a still small voice telling me that the group needed a break. I kept my hand down. No one volunteered so Tina suggested that we pray about it. So we did. After the prayer, we all looked up and Tina smiled and said, "Well?" The room was silent and we were all looking at each other (there were about ten of us). I slowly raised my hand and told the group that I felt that God was telling us that we needed a break. Tina smiled and said she felt the same way but didn't want to be the one to say it. So, we agreed to meet in two weeks.

TODAY, Susan (the gal I met last week who had the cochlear implant done two months ago) came in to see me at work! I was so surprised and thrilled to see her! She was on her way to meet John (our hearing aid man) and thought she would stop by to drop off some information for me. I wanted the other girls to meet her so I brought her back in the Accounting department and introduced her to Kim, Candice, & Paula. She showed them her CI (implant) and shared a little bit of her story with them. They were so amazed and would never have realized that she had had a hearing loss. She came back to my desk and told me that there was a monthly SHHH (Self Help for Hard of Hearing) meeting on Tuesday night that would be very helpful for me. She said, "I know you have Bible Study that night but the people from Cochlear who make the implants will be there." I looked at her and said, "Susan, I DON'T have Bible Study next week! We are taking the week off!" She also said that there will be other people there who have had the implant done by the Dr. that I'm going to and I will be able to meet them and ask them questions! I was just bursting with joy inside and knew that this was a BIG GOD MOMENT! Wow! So, I will meet Susan and her husband and some other members of the SHHH group at McAllister's on Tuesday night at 5:30 p.m. before the meeting! So, this is why God was planning for us to take a break from Bible Study next week! As each day passes, the more I am sure that this is meant to be. Everything is falling into place. . .ten years ago I wasn't ready and the time was not right then.

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