Monday, June 09, 2008

Future Cochlear Implant Candidate???

This is what I woke up to this morning. . . I was not prepared for the sudden, jarring sensation that reverberated through my processors when I turned them on! And I was inside the house! We live on a quiet circle at the end of a mile long street and have very little traffic or noise on our street. We are having some major construction for the next five weeks so that the city can install sewer drains for our end of the neighborhood. . .

The man operating the jackhammer had some pretty heavy duty headphones on. Steve said he probably had earplugs on underneath as well, protecting his ears. I couldn’t tell if his surrounding coworkers had ear plugs on but I hope they did. Construction workers are constantly exposed to loud noises and it HAS to have an impact on their hearing. I had to turn off my processors when I went outside to get the newspaper (and take these pictures) because it was that loud. I wonder how many jackhammer operators lose their hearing doing this kind of work. They still get “bone conduction” through their bodies even though they are protecting their ears. Hmmm. . .maybe I should invest in some Cochlear and Advanced Bionics stock!


VBnBama said...

you must have been like the paparazzi w/your camera getting the newspaper. I can just see you. Bend over, casually picking up the paper, and snap,got one the guys on the internet.

Abbie said...

I gotta agree with you there Laurie! Those jackhammers are super loud!

I had such a blast with you these past couple of days :) I still miss you!

I hope you having a wonderful time with Jackson :)