Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2008 HLAA Convention, Reno, Nevada!

I’m on my way to the annual HLAA (Hearing Loss Association of America) Conference in Reno, Nevada! I’ve been planning for this ever since the convention last year in Oklahoma City and can’t wait to see my friends again and meet new ones!

I barely got my act together and fell into bed after midnight last night when I finished packing. I’m probably bringing too much stuff but I got it all in one suitcase. . . and was so excited I couldn’t sleep!

Jennifer and I will be roommates again this year. . .we’ve been planning for this trip ever since the convention last year in Oklahoma City. This year we will add a third roommate, the famous Miss Abbie Cranmer, who graced the cover of the most recent HLAA magazine. (I brought my copy with me so I can get her autograph!)

This is absolutely the BEST conference in the world. Jennifer and I will represent the State of Tennessee at the Leader’s meeting tomorrow afternoon. We are getting to Reno a day early so we can do some sightseeing and relax a bit. HLAA has many wonderful activities planned, including a bowling tournament (write more here), vendors, seminars, etc. Go check out the HLAA website! I packed a duffle bag inside my suitcase because I always bring extra stuff home.

This conference is “four days of heaven” because it is a “perfect world” for the deaf & hearing impaired. Every room and event is captioned, has transcribers and interpreters, and the sound systems are wonderful. And there are others there with hearing disabilities. . . for a short time we don’t have to struggle to “get the message” and have a special bond with one another. I wish I had found this group sooner!

I’m sure all my blogging buddies will be writing about their experiences. I also hope to have time to write updates during the convention. . . watch this space!


Sunny said...

Enjoyed your blog...
Just passin thru
and REMEMBER his name is also LOVE.....

Karen said...

Hey Laurie, I'm so excited for you! I bet you are going to have a blast. I did finally get to "meet" Jennifer via email and I've been talking to Abbie for a couple of months. I want to see the signed magazine! Haha. I really wish I was going but hopefully next year. I can't wait to read all about it so I hope you get time to post on your blog!!!! :-)

Rusty said...

Hi Laurie ,
Love the info coming in about the convention , I'm so looking forward to next year.
I'll keep reading ~~ Love ya, Rusty

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, I'm catching up on emails since returning from the convention and saw your blog on the HLAA leaders list. Can't believe I was lucky enough to connect with you at the Salt Lake airport and then see you again and again at the convention. What a great time I had! Learned so much and did my share of networking - just like Ollie suggested in his keynote speech.
You're a beautiful, friendly person. I hope to keep in touch with you.


Abbie said...

What an amazing time I had with you all! The only thing is waiting until next year to do it all over again! :)

Laurie said...

I had an absolutely wonderful time in Reno. . . and can't wait for the next convention in Nashville!

Abbie, I'm going to find a way to see you before next year! I miss you too!

Am having a blast in Houston with Jackson. . . he is the light of my life. . .I never thought being a grandma would be so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,

My name is Karen Aldredge and I am from Oneida, TN. I am writing for my husband who has profound hearing loss. He would probably benefit from the Cochlear Implant but our insurance will not cover any of it. I am hoping you might be able to tell me which companies DO cover it, so we can apply only to them. We have been married almost 25 years and his loss is worse all the time and I really think he would benefit from the implant.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


Laurie said...


What insurance company do you have? Most insurance companies are covering cochlear implants. I would appeal or contact the "Let Them Hear Foundation" and they will help you.

My email address is Write to me!


bugsy said...

My name is Sarah. I got a cochlear implant in 2007 of August and it works great! My blog is, where I talk about my implant and hearing things for the first time. And to Karen: my insurance did the same thing, we fought and appealed and won, keep fighting.