Thursday, May 08, 2008

Woodpeckers, Baby Birds, & Roses

**Update** We have a very elusive woodpecker. I hear him every morning but he flies away as soon as I peek around the curtains with my camera. I'll get his picture one of these days! He still drills on the same corner of the metal gutter! I did post two pictures of the bird's nest and roses - see below!

I love this time of the year because I can hear the birds. We have so many of them around here! We have a beautiful red-headed woodpecker that has been visiting our bird feeder every day. (My bird book says he is a red-bellied woodpecker with a zebra-striped back and a red cap.) This morning as I was reading and having some quiet time in our breakfast area, I heard him! And with only one CI. (I like to start out my mornings with one ear while the house is quiet.) I've been hearing woodpeckers for some time but this wasn't the typical "rat-a-tat-tat" sound I was used to hearing. It was so loud and sounded like it was drilling on something other than wood. This woodpecker sounded like he was drilling and hitting the house! When we first moved here, woodpeckers were a problem for the previous owners because they would drill holes in the house. We haven't had any problems but I surely didn't want any holes in the house since we are getting ready to sell it. I heard it three times and said "Hey!" to get him off the house even though I couldn't see him. That didn't stop him because I kept hearing him. I started looking around trying to figure out where the sounds was coming from. You'll never believe where I found him. . .he was sitting on the edge of a gutter drilling into the metal! A cool sound and I listened to him do it several times. He then moved to the bird feeder. I tried to get a picture but he flew away before I had a chance. He'll come back and I'll post a picture when I get one!

We also have a nest of bird eggs in my hanging fern on the porch. I usually repot my ferns so I don't have to water them as often but was too late for this one. So, I left it alone. This nest belongs to the house finches that frequent our feeder and they are beautiful because they look like sparrows dipped in cranberry juice. The nest originally had four eggs in it but I found one on the ground last week after a storm. Can't wait for the baby birds!I love roses and try to buy a new plant every year. Actually, I buy them for Steve because he likes them so much. I found this one for $19.99 and thought it was a great deal because it has at least 30 buds on it! Beautiful! It is a Judy Garland rose and I love the red, orange and yellow colors.Must get to work but I wanted to share this with you. Check this space again because I'll load some pictures later today.


Abbie said...

That is the one bird I haven't heard yet and I've been dying too!! I can't wait to see the pictures after they hatch!

Jennifer said...

I don't know that I'd know the sound of a woodpecker if I heard it! How cool that you got to hear the little fella!
We collect rosebushes too...adding a new one every year. I bought an Elle rosebush first, then we got a Rio Samba last year, then hubby ordered himself Jackson & Perkins' Purple Passion this year (I haven't seen that one yet). He also ordered me some flowers to start a butterfly garden...what a neat idea! :)
Looking forward to next week! :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard the woodpeckers. But usually I have to say "what is that?" Then someone says "Oh we have a woodpecker in the yard."
Cannot wait to see your pictures. HUGS Molly CC

Shari said...

Haven't heard a woodpecker in a while. I wonder if I'll recognize it if I do hear it again?

Will have to come back and see the pics.

Happy Mother's Day. :)

Nancy said...

Yikes. A woodpecker drilling on your gutter. That "had" to be loud. Your blog made me smile, both at the woodpecker and the joy of nature around you. God is so creative and His creation is nothing short of a joy and delight.

Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the picture of the woodpecker.

In Him,

Everyday with Ethan said...

I had a woodpecker on my gutter just outside my bedroom window about 8 years ago. It truly brought home the meaning of early bird. It would start about 6am on that gutter.

Sam said...

Every once in a while, I hear a woodpecker especially in the early morning hours. Its really interesting considering I have never heard it all my life, until last year.