Thursday, May 29, 2008

Websites for Kids/Auditory & A/V Therapy

I have several blogs that I read on a regular basis and have to tell you about a great resource for kids. This would also be perfect for auditory training and therapy for children AND adults who are looking for different ways to practice listening. Shannon at "Rocks In My Dryer" asked for some suggestions from her readers for websites to keep kids occupied during the summer and she ended up with a long list! I have not checked every one of them out but the ones I did see had captions with the words as you listened to the stories. My favorite so far is Shel Silverstein! I used to read his books to our kids all the time and am saving them for our grandchildren. Below is the link to "Rocks In My Dryer" and I will also post a button in my sidebar (with permission). Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Abbie said...

Wow! She got one heck of a long list there! This is fantastic! Thank for sharing with us :)

David said...

That is one great list! I am hounding the library (local) to get more books on cD that are unabridged, so I can follow with novel and master my CI

tammy jean said...

I've connected to your site from other CI/hoh sites. You have a very beautiful and inspirational story. We entered the deaf world bare foot in March when my son Aiden was born with a profound hearing loss. I love reading all the great stories out there!

Thank you for sharing all these great sites! This is a great list and very helpful for my two older kids who love their computer time! Like you said, it will also be helpful for me to introduce sounds to Aiden. I've been having a hard time with therapy, but know it will become second nature as time goes on.

Shiloh said...

What a list! When I get more time, I'll go through it. Thanks for posting it. Thank you for your comments on Isaac's blog. It means a lot that you let me know you are reading. We've been going through a tough battle right now and it is awesome to know that people are on our side. God Bless you for your kindness and support.

Tonya said...

Awesome. I love the summer but it seems as parents you always have to be ready with boredom busters!

Shari said...

You know, I read somewhere that having pre-schoolers watch TV with the CC on would help them read better. I wonder, even for hearing kids, how much it would help?

My daughter texts a lot. I worried that it would affect her writing skills, but she seems to have a good grasp on it, thankfully.

Will have to check those links when and if I get the CI. Still under appeal.

Erika said...

muchas gracias! i wish i knew how to include the cute button, but alas... i just included the link on my site, appreciate it! :)

Good luck in your quest with UT - I salute you & the time it takes to make your voice heard, you know its important!!