Thursday, May 01, 2008

Branson Deaf Appreciation Weekend

I received this in my email box today from Signed Entertainment Enterprises (S.E.E.) and thought I should pass this news on to my readers. This event looks like great fun and I wish I was close enough to attend this! As you know, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. I think it is wonderful when organizations and businesses make a special effort so that deaf and hard of hearing persons can participate in shows like these. You will note that the Osmond Family Hearing Center is one of the hosts. I just learned a few weeks ago that the Osmond family has a heart for the deaf and hearing impaired because one of the Osmond brothers is deaf. And will be making a one-time appearance on the 24th.


Memorial Day Weekend 2008, Branson's own Signed Entertainment will team up with The White House Theatre, The Mansion Theatre, The All American Café, The Branson Tourism Center, The Osmond Family Hearing Centers, and The Radisson Hotel to host Branson's very first Deaf Appreciation weekend. Starting on May 23rd and ending on May 26th .

The White House Theatre will feature Mr. Ken Glickman in Deafology 101:
Many profound questions are all covered and answered in DEAFology 101, a highly entertaining lecture on Deaf Culture where many questions are raised and explained on stage by "Prof. Glick" in his comical lab coat and beady black reading glasses. Just about everything from Anthropology to Biology to Physics is covered in this hilarious, fast-paced course!

Special Host will be Justin Osmond from the World Famous Osmond Family and founder of the Osmond Family Hearing Center! This is a one time appearance, on Saturday May 24th at 10:30 am.

Also Featured at The White House Theatre is The Magnificent 7 Dinner Show:
This show starts off with an incredible meal served by S.E.E. Certified "Deaf Friendly" wait staff, and then goes into an incredible show which highlights seven decades of Music, with the powerhouse vocals of Tamra Holden, Joe Tinoco, and an array of multi-talented performers!

The Unbelievable meal, and The Magnificent 7 show, and The White House Theatre, are S.E.E. Certified as "Deaf Friendly"!

The Mansion Theatre will feature:
"The Promise" a spectacular Branson play honoring the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ as you have never seen before! This incredible show speaks to the hearts of all ages.

"Celebrate America" a theatrical musical celebrating American Pride and Patriotism. Join us on a walk through time where you will discover that pride that was felt at the birth of our nation still rings true today.

These Incredible shows and The Mansion Theatre are S.E.E. Certified as "Deaf Friendly"!

The All American Café: Making it's debut as Branson's first "Deaf Friendly" restaurant. Serving American cuisine with a twist! The All American Café serves lunch and dinner, and is open after the shows. Catering and group menus available. All new atmosphere, menu, full bar, weekly dancing features and live entertainment. Also featuring one of Branson's largest Veterans' photo tribute.

We are proud to honor our Nations Deaf and Hard of Hearing by making our Branson businesses "Deaf Friendly", but remember, this wonderful fun filled weekend is for everyone! So come on out and see what all of the fuss is about!

For ticket or package information please contact our friends on the following links at:
The Branson Tourism Center - Or call 1-800-785-1550
The Mansion Theatre - Or call 866.707.4100
The White House Theatre - Or call 1-877-487-2386


Abbie said...

Wow, it is really refreshing to see that there are business that cater to the deaf. I went to the White House Theater website trying to find out what state the darn place was in lol, nothing. I had to google it to find out it was in MO :)

Kelsey Smith said...

What a great business!

Randy said...

This is Randy from Signed Entertainment. I just wanted to tell you how proud my wife and I are that our ideas are being so well recieved. Branson has been consistantly ranked among the top vacation destinations in the US. We are very proud of the White House Theatre, and the Mansion Theatre here in Branson Missouri for being the first to step up to the plate. We are working very hard with many of the 140 live shows, hundreds of restaurants, and too many hotels to count, to help them become and stay "Deaf Friendly". This effort needs all of the support it can get though. These shows are spending a lot of time, money, and effort to create equal access, and a "Deaf Friendly" environment. We hope that you have the chance to see our beautiful city through our eyes. Take care, and God bless...

Laurie said...


Thank you for your comment. I think any business that promotes or caters to the deaf & hard of hearing population deserves to be mentioned and congratulated for their commitment. I will gladly support those who do!


Randy said...

we have just added The Titanic to our list as well. We are very excited to have them on board. If you get a chance to come to Branson, please go see this amazing museum! Thank you for your support, and God bless..

Anonymous said...

Do any of the Branson hotels have members on staff who can sign language? I would like to take a group who can understand and enjoy themselves while in Branson.