Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nashville Here I Come!

Just a quick post here. . . I still can't get a picture of the woodpecker! But he is beautiful. He has a zebra striped body and a red cap. I'll get his picture one of these days! I think he likes to drill on/in the corner of the metal gutter because that is where all the leaves collect. There are probably some nice juicy bugs in there!

Mama Bird celebrated Mother's Day with a new baby in her nest! It is so cute. Even though there were three eggs, only one hatched and the other two are still silent. We've have some cold spells lately and I wonder if she couldn't keep them warm. I did find another nest just outside my front door. I love my birds and keep the bird feeders fully stocked!

I'm headed to Nashville today for my quarterly Governor's Council meeting. I will get to see Jennifer and my aunt Nelda. Jennifer and I are going to hang out together tonight and she will come to my meeting tomorrow. May is Better Hearing month and also the 30th anniversary of the Council so we are having our meeting at the new library downtown and having some sort of celebration. Should be fun! I'm also hoping to see my cousin and her new baby, too. I miss Jackson so much and need my "baby fix!"

Speaking of Jackson, he is doing well and growing! He weighed 10 lbs. 3 oz. the last time I talked with Jessica! Jessica is having a nice break from school and enjoys being a mommy full time! Jason would like to get some sleep! Sorry Jason, your nights of sleeping are OVER!

Last weekend we traveled to Virginia Tech for Brad & Caitlyn's graduation. It was a wonderful weekend and the graduates are so happy! I enjoyed the commencement ceremony on Friday night more than the graduation on Saturday because I could understand what was going on better. Hoda Kotb from NBC was the guest speaker and she was WONDERFUL! I'll save that for another post when I get some time to write. Nothing was closed captioned or hearing impaired friendly at any of the ceremonies. Below is a picture of the graduates! We are so proud of them.

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Congrats to the graduates!