Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Prayer Request for Lydia. . .

I have a special prayer request for my friend, Lydia. You can read about her here and see her picture. (She's wearing the lime green sweater.) She was a hearing person and lost her hearing overnight around 15 years ago with no explanation. She received her cochlear implant four months later. She was also one of the first persons in Knoxville to receive a cochlear implant when they first came out. We bonded quickly when we met last year and feel like we have been friends forever. Lydia has been struggling with her hearing since last spring. She is going to Memphis, TN to be evaluated on April 18th to see about having her CI re-implanted or go bilateral. Doctors don't typically remove a working CI but she may have something wrong with it. She is experiencing a range of emotions and is scared, nervous, and apprehensive. The first time was very traumatic for her and she is remembering that even though technology and the surgery has changed so much since then. Her processor has to be mapped frequently and she struggles to understand what is going on around her. My heart goes out to her and I'm encouraging her as much as I can. So, say a prayer for her. I'd love for you to comment so she can read your responses. Thank you.

In other news, I'm going for another tune-up tomorrow on my processors. I can tell that I need another adjustment. I did go to the eye doctor today for my annual eye exam and did not have to look at him once around the equipment to read his lips. Understood every single word he said. :-D

Also, I took another BIG step at work on Monday. . .I had my voice mail activated for my work phone. I've been receiving internal calls from my coworkers but still struggle at times. I received a call from "Griffin" last week and was so confused because he has never called me before. And "Griffin" is not a common name to understand. Also received a call from "Eva", who is a new employee and I had no idea who she was. But, I told both of them to call me again and not to give up. I need all the practice I can get. Voice mail gives me another option to listen to callers voices and messages more than once until I *get it.* I use binaural headphones which allows me to use both ears on the phone. I am so "phone-illiterate" and have to have someone show me how to use the different settings and all.

Hearing in *stereo* is really wonderful. I find myself turning in circles because sound comes from every direction. I am truly "Dancing With Sound!" It's fun to locate the birds in the trees as they sing their songs. My aunt Nelda is coming on Saturday from Nashville for a quick visit. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough so we can go for a hike in the Smokies. She knows birds very well and we'll have fun hearing the sounds of nature together. I'm hoping she can teach me what the different bird calls are.

Will write again after my *tune-up* tomorrow.

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Susan said...

Sorry to read that your friend
Lydia is having such a struggle.
Hope that the specialists can get to the root of her difficulties.
It must be frustrating trying to cope with everyday life under those circumstances.