Sunday, March 11, 2007

Puppy Pictures

This is our little *guest* that I told you about in my previous post. She is an angel of a puppy and we are trying hard not to get attached to her. We've got signs up in several locations but so far no one has claimed her. We can't figure out what breed she is. Maybe a border collie mix or husky/lab mix? Her long white front paws remind me of the long gloves that actresses wear in movies. I'd call her Audrey (after Audrey Hepburn) or Gracie (Grace Kelly). She sleeps with Chris at night and is housebroken already. Goes to the door and whines when she wants to go out. She barks or whines when she wants to come back in. She is so good natured and doesn't jump on anyone. Just wants to play. She always wants to be with someone and does not go far, which is puzzling because Chris found her wandering in the street. We think she was dropped off in a neighborhoood (a golf course community) so someone would keep her and give her a good home. I have a home for her if no one claims her. :-D Our neighbors have been looking for a dog for some time and fell in love with her! But, they're getting ready to go on vacation for Spring Break so we'll keep her for a week until they return. That will give us time to find the original owner if there is one.

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Tallahassee Lassie said...

Audrey is a good name.
I really think there is a strong Black Labrador presentation there. And one more breed too of course. At least one more.