Saturday, December 09, 2006

Eagles, Tattoos, and Shopping

You are probably wondering why I'm talking about Eagles, Tattoos, & Shopping. I've been upstairs all day working in my office/sewing room area (it's a loft overlooking the family room). Last night Steve hooked up our new DVD player to the TV and started playing his new DVD called EAGLES Farewell I Tour/Live from Melbourne. Wow. It is an audio DVD/CD of the EAGLES 2004 concert in Melbourne and is just awesome. Steve and I don't usually have the same taste in music but I am loving this CD and am listening to it right now. I normally would not like listening to a concert because there is usually too much sound and they all run together. But, this particular concert on DVD sounds great right here in our family room! It is very instrumental with some singing. The clarity of the different instruments sounds very pleasing to me. I can hear the clang of the cymbals, the sounds of the different guitars, the keyboard, drums, and all. It's nice to enjoy the music that I missed while growing up in the 70's. I will make up for lost time! Maybe I'll listen to the Beatles and Chicago again. . .

Do you know what happens as soon as your children turn 18? They get tattoos! :( Marissa got a tattoo on her back below her hip line (I'm not posting a picture for privacy reasons!) It's a row of piano keys and expresses her individuality and love for music. She has been asking me for a year if she could get it and I said "no." So, as soon as she was able to do it without parental consent, she went and got it done (and paid for it herself). Chris and some of her friends went with her and held her hands while she cried for two hours as it was being done. Maybe she should have started out with something smaller like a music note! Oh well. Every generation has their "thing" so I really can't say too much. Chris and Brad got tattoos, too, as soon as they became of legal age.

Shopping: I have a long way to go to get my Christmas shopping done and am trying to enjoy the season. It is hard for me for several reasons. . . but, last week I did have some CI moments. I can understand clerks talking to me when I'm not looking at them and love being able to say "You, too" when they tell me to have a nice day. Also, as I was walking in the parking lot (it was windy), I kept hearing a rattling noise off in the distance. It was a crushed soda can rolling around as I approached my car! I can also hear the music (and recognize the tune) being played in the stores and the Salvation Army bell ringers ringing their bells.

We have a living room full of wrapped presents but still don't have our Christmas tree up yet. I hope to get it up this weekend. When Jason moved back home in July, he put all his stuff in the storage room where the tree is and we can't get to it! I'm tempted to just go buy a live tree instead of wading through all that stuff. *sigh* But, then we'll have to buy lights for it and string them and deal with watering the tree, picking up the needles, etc. Besides, Brad is allergic to real Christmas trees. The tree we have in storage is already pre-lighted and sets up in three easy pieces. Getting it out will be the hard part!

Christmas programs and parties are filling up our schedule. We went to my Christmas party for work last week. My friend's daughter, Beth, sang several Christmas songs and she sounded beautiful, especially went she sang "O' Holy Night," my favorite Christmas song. We'll be going to another party tonight (one we always look forward to!) and a church cantata tomorrow. Steve will be singing in a trio for one of the songs. I love to hear him sing in his beautiful tenor voice. As you move through this Christmas season, remember the reason for the season, which is JESUS. God entrusted him to Mary and Joseph in a manger so that we can celebrate HIS BIRTH. Love and Christmas blessings to all of you who read this blog.

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