Thursday, November 02, 2006

Up Early

I'm up early this morning. . .and am off work for the next two days. Marissa is having oral surgery this morning which will take about three hours. She is having two implants put in to take the place of her front eye teeth that never formed or developed. She's been wearing a retainer with fake teeth in it ever since she got her braces off last year. (We'll have to go through the process again next year for two more missing permanent teeth on the bottom). I don't know who is more nervous - her or me. But, I'm not going to tell her. Yesterday I brought home six different prescriptions from the pharmacy! She had to take an oral sedative before she went to bed and will take two more this morning (along with several other pills) to make her sleepy. I'll probably have to carry her to the car and to the doctor's office! Anyway, say a prayer for her. Since I don't hear a thing when I sleep, she slept with me and Maddie last night. (Steve is out of town.) I wanted to be able to monitor her in case she had an allergic reaction to the sedative. I'll bring my knitting along to keep my hands busy. I will knit and pray!

Later. . .
We are home. Marissa is pretty drugged up, has gauze in her mouth and is asleep on the chair in the family room (and is snoring!) Chris made a fire in the fireplace for her. He is such a nice brother! She was in surgery for about 3 1/2 hours and everything went well. We will go back next week to get the stitches out. We stopped at the Dairy Queen on the way home to get some milkshakes (she needs to drink milk anyway with her medicine) and got some applesauce, freeze pops, and mandarin oranges for her to eat. She'll have a beautiful smile when we are all done with this process!

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susan baumgardner said...

sounds like "nurse mom" could use a sedative as well! your daughter will do fine, but they might have to sedate you!
Hold tight to your knitting, and
you will be o.k.!