Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Owl?

Chris and I worked outside today. He was cutting wood while I raked leaves. I heard a mixture of different sounds as I worked in the yard - leaf blowers, airplanes, birds clicking, dogs barking, Chris' chain saw, leaves rustling, etc. As soon as it got dark, Chris said, "Mom, I hear an owl. Do you hear it?" We stood together in the driveway and he would point it out every time he heard it. But, I couldn't pick it out. I kept hearing dogs barking or other sounds but not the owl. He said it was pretty far away and was very soft. I asked him to tell me what it sounded like. He said it was the short "who, who, who" sound and not the long "whoooooo" sound like I imagined. I even tried to adjust my sensitivity levels on my processor so that I could "reach" it but that didn't work. I got my bird sound card out and we figured out that it was a Great Horned Owl. We'll keep listening. . .

P.S. I never dreamed that my own children would be helping me to listen for new sounds. And, they enjoy being part of this hearing journey, too. I am blessed!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend...I love you!!! I hope you have a great holiday with your family this year!!