Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Talking to Steve Across the Pond

My dear husband, Steve, is on a mission trip in Latvia. He left on September 29th and will be home in three days. Since he is 7 hours ahead of us, we've had a hard time trying to make connections to talk on the phone. After playing phone tag for several days and communicating by email, we finally had a chance to talk yesterday! I've worn my neckloop attached to my cell phone for two days so that I wouldn't miss his call. We were able to converse easily and his voice was very clear to me, with a slight delay. We must have had a good connection because there was no static. In the past it would have been difficult to talk with him while he was overseas. I would have had to wait until someone was home to help me or relay for us. Not anymore!

(I added a new post that I wrote earlier about my one year anniversary. . .scroll down and find it!)

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