Saturday, October 28, 2006

Moments of Joy

I'm sitting here on a quiet Saturday morning. I was re-reading my Mom's sermon that she gave in 1974 where she tells her story about living with a deaf child. (You can find it here or in my "Future Book Chapters" link under October 10, 2005). At the end she said that there were moments of joy in spite of dealing with a deaf child. Yes, there are moments of joy in every situation. We just have to look and be aware of them. I'm still having moments of joy with sounds that I hear and it is overwhelming at times. (The sounds are not overwhelming - just the fact that I can even hear them are.) Last night I was the only one in the house and was working at my desk. Maddie was sitting at my feet watching me type and kept "pawing" my arm, like she wanted some attention. She is a "people dog" and loves to share a lap or chair with someone when it is time to relax for the evening. Anyway, I told her to stop because she was interrupting me. She just sat there and looked at me with her big brown eyes. A little bit later I heard a "squeak" sound but I couldn't locate it. I loooked at her and she wasn't moving. . . I heard it again, looked at her and she was still watching me. Then I realized that she was whining! She has a cute little *squeak-whine!* So, I scooted forward in my chair, patted the seat to give her permission to jump up on it. When I sat back down she circled the chair a few times to get comfortable and laid down behind me. I can't type or work when she is in my lap so now just picture me sitting on the edge of my chair with a small cocker spaniel taking up more than half the seat as I write. Now she wants the chair every time I sit at my computer!

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