Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Sounds of Music

Music is getting better all the time but is not perfect. But it is still a wonderful experience for me. I'm finding that I like "orchestra" type music better than "band" type music. The sounds of simple instruments are very pleasing to me like the piano, flute, clarinet (woodwind), and stringed instruments. Some brass instruments are okay if they are played by themselves. If there are too many instruments playing at once (like in church), it sounds like they are competing with one another (like cats and dogs fighting)! My processor cannot figure out which sounds to minimize and which sounds to bring forth (voices). So, it is better with single instruments and/or soloists. I can hear the melody as well as individual instruments if they are being played together or by themselves.

I love my iPod and listen to it regularly. My old familiar songs are most recognizable to me. I love my T-Link because it gives me a direct link and the sound quality is so clear and crisp.

My next step is to learn to sing and carry a tune. I would like to take some voice lessons from someone and be more confident in my ability to sing with others. But for now, I sing in the car or when I'm alone!

I'm still searching for that perfect "map." I went back to my audiologist right after the New Year and he increased my C level (comfort level) five steps on one program. I'm going back to him this coming week to have him increase the rest of the programs because now they seem too soft.

Last week was a week of funerals. Steve, Marissa and I went to four funerals in three days. I went to two of them - one for a friend (Debbie) who lost her battle to colon cancer and the other for Dawn's mother, who lost her battle to pancreatic cancer. At Debbie's funeral I could hear people around me sniffing and crying quietly. The soloist was beautiful. Dawn's mother was an interpreter for the deaf for many years and planned her own funeral before she passed away. I noticed that this service was "hearing impaired friendly" and the whole service was very nice and was easy to follow and understand. The speakers and music were not overwhelming for me at all. There was a trumpet solo and a clarinet solo, some congregation singing, and a poetry reading. I used my microphone attachment and laid it on the seat next to me and it allowed me to focus on the service.

Music is a part of life and I'm so thankful that I can hear it.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."- Berthold Auerbach

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