Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Funny CI Moment

I thought I would share a CI moment that I had yesterday. When I started my car this morning, I heard this AWFUL grinding noise off and on every thirty seconds or so. I thought maybe it was my new tape deck accessory that I was using to listen to my iPod with in my car stereo so I turned it off. Turned off the heater, too. Started to back out of the garage and heard it again. I thought "Oh, great. Steve is out of town and Marissa has already left for school and there is no one here to help me." I also thought that I ran over the cat again (she used up one of her nine lives last time I did that) and that she was crying on my wheel or was in my engine trying to stay warm (been there, done that, too). So I stopped to check and didn't see or hear anything. As I left the driveway, I heard it AGAIN! Great. So, stopped the car (left it running) and walked to the back wheels to see if I could find out where the noise was coming from. Right then I saw my window wiper scrape against the dry back window intermittently. That is where the noise came from! It had been raining when I got home the night before but was dry yesterday morning. My coworkers just laughed at me when I told them. Before my CI I would have driven halfway to work before I realized that had I left the wipers on!

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