Monday, January 02, 2006

Letter from Trudy

Here is an excerpt from an email from my Aunt Trudy. She is my mother's younger sister and lived with my parents for a short time when I was little. (I will move this to my "Book Chapters" at a later date.) Stephen is her son, my cousin, and Dave is my Uncle Dave, my mother's brother.

"Laurie, I'm so happy for you that your ear transplant is working so well. I know your book (as your website) will be an inspiration to all who read it. Stephen re-formated my computer several weeks ago so I was glad to get the blog address from Dave today so I could catch up on things. I love reading about each new experience - and all the things you and your family are doing. I know your mom would be absolutely thrilled!!! She told me once how sad she felt that you could not hear the wonderful sounds that you now experience and describe so well. It is truly a miracle. I have many memories of your early school days since I lived with you my first year at OSU. Your mom sat at the kitchen table with you every night with a scrapbook she compiled of pictures of everything imaginable to teach you the names of everything as you learned to read her lips. (did she save it?) You were very bright - but also could be ornery, - weren't you the one who locked the basement door when she was downstairs doing laundry? But you worked so hard to learn the names of colors, numbers, animals, objects - anything she could find pictures of, to help you understand the world you could not hear. You were usually as eager to learn as she was determined to teach. You were both unstoppable!! Love, Trudy"

My note: I called my father yesterday and asked him if he still had the scrapbook that Trudy talked about. He said that my sister Kathy would have it if it was still around. Kathy gave all those things to me so I need to look and see if I have it!

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