Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Today is a good day! I had an email message waiting for me this morning from our insurance company. The pre-determination for my cochlear implant was approved on June 20th! Yay! I just stared at the computer for a few minutes and read the message several times! I sent text messages to everyone I could on my phone to share the good news! I wasn't sure what to do after that so I called the doctor's office (through Relay, of course!) to find out what we needed to do next. Teresa, Dr. Merwin's nurse said that the doctor needed to review the letter and paperwork and would let her know when to schedule the surgery date. I asked her if she could give me a time frame by looking at his schedule and she said that it would possibly be mid-August. I'm ready! That means I will be activated before my Dad's birthday on September 15th and he is the first person I want to call on the telephone as soon as I am able to! I still cannot imagine being able to experience the world of sound that has been denied to me for so long. Dad told me several weeks ago that when I was first diagnosed with my hearing loss, I only had 15% hearing. Now I have less than 5%. I'll be happy just to hear 30, 40, or 50%!!!

I wrote back to the insurance company to tell them that I had not received the letter yet. Another message came later saying that the letter was only sent to the doctor. They put a copy in the mail to me today. I'll just keep watching the mailbox for a few more days.

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