Saturday, June 18, 2005

Baby Robins!

I was thrilled to find a bird's nest next to our driveway this morning! I found the nest because I just happened to notice a male robin fly in the tree with a worm in his mouth. I figured he would move if he saw me but he disappeared in the leaves. I looked a little closer and found the nest and some babies reaching upward with their beaks waiting for food! This is just another example of how my eyes are my "ears" for me since I don't hear the birds but see them. That was a God Moment for me today. I know that if God takes care of the birds and supplies all of their needs, he will take care of me, too! I know that as long as I keep my hand in His hand and walk with Him, there is nothing that I cannot do or become.

I keep watching the mail every day for my "letter" from the insurance company. I'm hoping they'll respond soon since I called them this past week. Next week our whole family will be on a much needed vacation! We all need it! I was hoping to have the implant done before our vacation so I could hear the sounds of the ocean and the beach and the seagulls, etc. I'll just "listen" for them with my eyes instead!

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