Friday, February 08, 2008

New Processor, New Places, New Sounds

I have time for a quick post this morning. I'm currently in Nashville for my Governor's Council meeting and am staying at the Doubletree Hotel downtown. When I'm in a new place I usually hear new and different sounds. And I'm alone so it takes me awhile to figure them out.

Last night when I returned to my room after a nice dinner downstairs, I heard a faint bell ringing. I thought maybe I had a message on my room phone but the light wasn’t blinking. There wasn’t anything in the room that would make that sound. Then, I opened the window and saw a church below me! (I’m on the 8th floor). It looks like an old church in the midst of tall buildings. The bells were ringing from the church steeple and it was a great sound! I heard them again this morning at 6 a.m. when I put my processors on. Love it. This is the beginning of Lent and the sound of the church bells was a reminder to me that God is with me everywhere I go. I can also hear people walking and talking in the hallway outside my door (which is bolted and locked and I'm tempted to put a chair in front of it for extra security!). I can also hear the sounds of the streets below me - construction machinery backing up, horns honking, car doors slamming, etc. It's a good thing I don't hear anything at night when I take my processors off because I would not be able to sleep with all that noise! I have enough trouble sleeping in new places anyway, especially when I have to wake myself up in order to be somewhere at a certain time. My trusty light timer is with me attached to a light to wake me up but I still get up at dark-thirty before it comes on.

I had a mapping session yesterday with Julie at the University of Tennessee in the Audiology department. She had ordered a replacement processor for me because I was going through my batteries on a daily basis. My friend, Susan, who works in my doctor's office, called me yesterday morning and said that their office had my processor. I was confused because I don't use his audiologist anymore. Apparently, he is still my "default" location for Cochlear and they sent it there instead of to UT. Luckily his downtown office is close to Julie's office so I left a little earlier and picked it up. Julie made some mapping changes and there was a signicant change on my "new side" in my T & C levels. I have the replacement processor and mine and will compare them to see if there is a difference in the quality of sound and the battery usage. I listened to a book on tape as I drove to Nashville and was able to understand what was being said. I still "miss" words but have no trouble "filling in the blanks" because I've had to do that for most of my life anyway when lipreading!

I have to give several reports today at the Council meeting and will spend the rest of the day with my aunt Nelda. Hopefully, I'll get to see some of my cousins, too, who also live here. And, tomorrow I get to see JENNIFER!


Abbie said...

Wow! Your new processor came in quick! I love church bells. I didn't realize how much I liked them until Iheard them again with the CI. It is just a pretty sound. Another sound I just discovered is certain change machines, they can actually sound pretty :) Good luck with your meetings!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice trip so far and I'm jealous that you get to see Jennifer! Wish I could be there with you girls.

SooZ said...

Couldnt read your post very well... I had PRK surgery on my eyes on Wed. I have been laying today listening to Knitpick's podcasts. Kelly Petkin has a great voice and I can follow it very easily. It made me think of you and I would like to try talking to you on the phone! No, I wont do all the talking!

Is this possible? My cell phone is much better than the home line

Write me if you have a chance. I'm eager to hear of your bilateral experiences!

Suzie (crossing my fingers three few typos!)

Jim said...

You are traveling? I hope you enjoy business trips. I don't but I go when I have to.

I am glad that your CI is working very well and you are hearing things.

Have a safe trip.


Jennifer said...

WOOOHOOO!! I can't wait!! See you in the morning, girl! :)