Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sleepless and bewildered but gloriously proud, the husband of Mary emerged from the stable and made his way to the census takers booth. For it was the decree of Imperial Rome, ordering a general census that had brought them to Bethlehem.

The angels' song hummed through his heart and timed steps with its rhythm; his fine bronzed face radiated with the wonder of the night. But enrollment blanks and reckonings kept the census taker busy, and all he saw was another peasant standing in line.

"Name?" he demanded in a routine tone.

"Joseph, carpenter, of Nazareth, of the house of David."



"Wife's name?"



The young carpenter drew himself up. . ."One child," he answered proudly. "A son, Jesus, born last night."

Was there any comment? Did the petty government official who wrote for the first time the name that was to be "Above Every Name" - did he wonder as he wrote?

Probably not. It was just one more name on the census roll.

Just another boy.

(written by Bruce Barton)

May this post find you anticipating Christ's birth with HOPE and WONDER!

Christmas blessings, Laurie

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Abbie said...

Merry Christmas my dear Laurie from my house to your heart :)