Monday, January 28, 2008

Behind The Scenes - Pepsi Super Bowl Deaf Commercial

CNN Money has published an article on the PepsiCo Super Bowl deaf commercial.

Also, here is a "behind the scenes" clip link on YouTube!


Jim said...

Thanks for sharing this.

By the way, I send you an email yesterday. Didn't you get it?

If not, here's mine:

Billy said...

Hey Laurie
Thanks for the comment and help on the phone choice. I had a special cable made up for my cell phone, direct connect and can also use it on some of my cordless home phones, works well. I would just like to get a phone that works good without the cable. Might not be out there, they say the home phones work better then the cells.
Great story, I gave up using the drive up window a long time ago. But I am tempted to use it again, I think I might even catch what's being said. Soon, feel like a baby trying out something new, lol...
Anyway, thanks again.
Hope everything is great your way.