Friday, May 18, 2007

Four Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Pictures

Four Week Old Puppies
Milk Bath! This was their first feeding of formula from a saucer. They got milk everywhere!

This one is Red (we have them color coded) and he is the runt. And my favorite.

This one is White and he is black and tan. Isn't he pretty?

We are having so much fun with the puppies. We put up a kennel outside in the front yard last week because they were outgrowing the box they were born in. They were all in the kitchen last night and were SOOOO NOISY! I never heard such a racket from eight little puppies! Poor Riga, she is like the "little old lady in the shoe who had so many kids she didn't know what to do!" She has started weaning them so we've been supplementing them with formula and puppy food. All of them weigh over 5 lbs each now except the little one who only weighs 3.8 pounds. I'm going to have a hard time seeing them leave when it is time for them to go to new homes.


Jennifer said...

They are SO adorable...are you getting rid of ALL of them? You're gonna have a hard time! I know I would!!

Sam said...

How so very cute. I would love one but we have a cat who is VERY territorial and won't tolerate anything on 4 legs in the house.

Richard said...

I would love to see them. Where are you located and how much would you charge for the pups?

Richard said...

I would love to view them, where are you located and how much will you be charging for the pups?


Laurie said...


I could not access your profile to send you an email. The puppies were born 18 months ago and are grown and sold!

We are not planning to breed our dog anymore.

Thank you for your interest.