Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Funny Story

We've been dog-sitting for Jason's (our oldest son) dog, Maddie, for over a month now. We'll probably have her off and on this summer while Jason travels and plays in golf tournaments. Maddie is the sweetest cocker spaniel and we've enjoyed having her. I know Riga would prefer to be the only dog in the house but she is fine with Maddie. Maddie makes little pitter-patter noises as she dances on our kitchen floor when I feed the dogs in the mornings and it makes me smile. Riga sounds like a horse compared to her since she is such a big dog. Anyway, here's my funny story. . .when I leave for work in the mornings, I put Maddie outside with Riga. Riga stays in the yard because she has the invisible fence collar and Maddie will stay in the yard with her even though she doesn't have the "collar." Well, two weeks ago Maddie stopped coming to the car when I pulled in the driveway after work. I'd have to call her or go look for her before I went in the house. One day she didn't come at all so I walked over to the neighbor's house across the street to ask if they had seen her. To my surprise, they said "Yeah, come on in. She's right here." She was happily resting on the couch watching cartoons with their kids! Apparently, every morning as soon as I pull out of the driveway, Maddie wanders over there, scratches on their door until they invite her in, and stays with them all day! When they let her in their house in the morning, she immediately runs upstairs and snuggles with their 13 year old daughter, Miriam, in her bed until she gets up. Maddie found herself another babysitter! She trots over there every time I leave the house, even when I'm not leaving for work! The neighbors don't have a dog and they haven't been able to convince thier father that they need one so they just love having Maddie come visit every day. I've been putting notes and poems on Maddie's collar for the kids to read and they look forward them. For example, one note said, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you let me out at 3:30, I can stay with you! Love, Maddie" Another note said, "There is no better psychiatrist in the world than a puppy licking your face."

I noticed that I can hear her scratching at the back door when she wants to come back in. That is a new "first" for me. She also snores!

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