Monday, June 26, 2006

Calling the Eye Doctor

Yesterday and today I woke up with a red and bloodshot eye and it was painful. When I got to work this morning, I decided to call the eye doctor to see if I could get in to see him today or tomorrow. When the receptionist answered the phone, I heard her introduction and told her who I was. She asked me several questions and I had no trouble understanding her. (I did have to ask her to slow down but once she did that I was fine.) She asked if I was in pain - Yes. "Is it itching?" No. "Is it watery?" No. "How long has this been happening?" Two days. "What is your date of birth?" Four-one-fifty seven. "Okay, I'll check with the Dr. and we'll call you back. What is your phone number?" I gave her my home and cell phone numbers. A little later, my cell phone rang and it was Lisa, the nurse. She asked me the same questions again and told me that I needed to come in NOW. I said, Now? "Yes, NOW!" So, I had to drop everything at work and run the the doctor's office. I do have an eye infection but it is not pink eye. I was afraid it was contagious and wouldn't be able to go back to work but it's okay. I'm not thrilled about my eye giving me problems because I depend on my vision to be my "eyes" AND "ears". When it comes to my eyesight, I don't take any chances with it.

This afternoon I heard a phone ringing near my desk. We have caller ID on our phones at work and I looked over to see if someone was calling me. All I saw was June but it didn't look like it was an incoming call. I thought maybe I missed a call from June, our receptionist at the front desk. Then I realized that I was looking at the date, June 26th! I got up and located the source of the phone ringing. It was my coworker's cell phone in the next cubicle!

When I got home, I called Jayne, my new audiologist. The LED screen on my processor is not working right and I cannot see what programs or settings I am on. The only way I can tell is by listening to the beeps and tones when I wear it. Cochlear is sending me a new one and it is covered under warranty. Luckily I have my extra processor so I am wearing it.

The house is quiet tonight with just me and Riga. Steve is on another business trip and Marissa is at work. Jason took Maddie back to Alabama with him this afternoon and I miss her already. But, now Riga can have all the attention instead of having to share it with her! We are expecting some storms tonight so hopefully I'll be able to sit on the porch to watch them come in and listen to the rain and the birds (they get extremely noisy before a storm.) Every new day with my "ears" is Christmas for me!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! I am so glad you updated your blog. I check it almost every day!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Fri, July 7th.

Terry and Sandy will be joining us for dinner. I don’t think that the Finks will get there until later in the evening. If they decide to join us, they will call.

Rick and I are leaving on the 3rd of July and going to Gatlinburg for a few days, then we will go to Knoxville and then on to Ashville, NC for a couple of days to tour the Biltmore. We are looking forward to getting away!

Hope you are well, that your eye is clearing up, See you soon!
Love, Shelley